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Welcome to Creative Workshop. Our mission is crystal clear: to empower interior designers with the tools and opportunities they need to shine. Our vision is even more ambitious - we aspire to be the SPARK that ignites positive change in the industry, revolutionizing how interior design services are delivered.

Join us on this transformative journey and be a part of the future of interior design.

Co-Working Space

Experience a co-working space like no other. At Creative Workshop, we've crafted an environment designed to inspire creativity and collaboration. Step into our vibrant workspace, where every corner tells a story of innovation. From flexible workstations to cozy lounges, it's a place that nurtures ideas and fosters a dynamic community.

Event Space Rental

Explore our event rental space, dedicated to promoting local Malaysian talent, with art exhibitions, product showcases, design workshops, and industry talks, providing a platform for creative individuals and entrepreneurs.

Events & Workshops

Immerse in creativity with our dynamic events calendar gatherings, workshops, and networking. Explore diverse themes, meet guest speakers, and join a community celebrating creative minds. Empower your journey with hands-on workshops refine skills, explore diverse courses, elevate your creative abilities.

Creative Workshop Service

Imagine a partner that transforms your interior design projects into works of art. Creative Workshop offers a unique service that revolutionizes your creative process. Explore our offerings, discover how we turn concepts into reality, and let us take your interior design aspirations to new heights

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Interior Design Products

Designers, your ultimate destination for interior design products is here. At Creative Workshop, we showcase a comprehensive range of furniture, materials, and solutions.


Explore a diverse selection of high-quality materials, from woods to metals, fabrics to glass, designed to bring your creative visions to life.

Lighting Solutions

Illuminate your projects with an array of lighting options, from ambient to task lighting, to set the perfect mood in any space.

Wall Panels

Transform your interiors with an assortment of innovative wall panels, offering both aesthetic appeal and practicality

Office Furniture

Find the perfect office furniture solutions to create a workspace that reflects professionalism and comfort.

Our Partners

Meet the powerhouses behind our success. Our partners are the pillars of innovation, collaborating with us to provide a comprehensive range of solutions. Get to know the brands, companies, and experts we're proud to work with. Our partnerships define the quality and excellence you can expect from us.

Contact Us

Ready to embark on your creative journey? Reach out to us for inquiries, collaborations, or to explore our services. Whether it's co- working spaces, event hosting, educational courses, or any other creative endeavor, we're here to assist. Let's connect and bring your ideas to life!